The definition of insanity is repeating the past experiences but expecting different results. The leadership team at The Strand Group decided several years ago that in order to change the trajectory of the world as we know it, we needed to creatively seek and facilitate new paradigms for business. 

We now consult sovereign and UHNW clients on a new way of doing business, ways to  minimise depletion of  resources  and maximise environmental and humanitarian gain.


The team at The Strand Group has one mission that is top of mind - to make the world a better place. You will not hear us talk about business as usual, but you will see us work creatively to solve problems that have plagued the world for generations. We facilitate hybrid trade and finance solutions to benefit people and the planet while respecting important economic paradigms.



Our Founders are diligent and creative. Their  backgrounds in global trade and finance and senior experience across a variety of trade environments lends us the credibility we need to work with sovereign clients and large organisations. Their credentials in Family Office Management, humanitarian work and Commodity and Derivative trading allow you to know that creativity is backed up with real world experience. 

You will never hear us say "we tried that before", because every situation we find ourselves in is unique. The world and our clients need non-traditional solutions for traditional problems. Lack of societal improvements and continual damage to the environment are exacerbated by a level of greed that only serves to compound the issue. Traditional industries need to be re-engineered from the ground up. Our thinking needs to start at a new plateau that is not founded on repetitive mistakes from the past. Our tag line says it all.

                                       AUDAX DETERMINATE - BOLD AND DETERMINED

Imagining the challenge ahead is what excites us. Never before in history have business and sovereign leaders been asked to envision what a new future can look like, knowing that today our decisions are pivotal to the future of mankind and the environment. Business as usual will simply not get us to where we need to be.
- The Strand Group
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Our success is due to our many partnerships across the humanitarian, funding and asset management sectors. Our solutions will surprise you and our office is comfortable working with UHNW clients and Family Offices as well as Sovereign Nations in the strictest confidence. To initiate a discussion simply email our on-boarding team at and one of our on-boarding staff will reach out to you to set up a call with one of our Founders.


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